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To be a world-class enterprise
with great value and creativity
Explore  wisedom in auto aftermarket Quality, Innovation, Value Attitude is everything.
Success lies in details.
Suc (success): circulation——the Book of Tittle Explanation ;  
follow——Guangyun    If terminology is not corrected, then what is said cannot be followed. If what is said cannot be followed, then work cannot be accomplished.
Vary:  the upward word is Chinese character Ri(sun), downward word is Chinese character yue(moon), representing change and the circulation of the sun and the moon.
Vary,general name of change、another name of replacement- Kong Yinda ——  Zhou yi Zheng yi
Sucvary philosophy: Go ahead beyond the classic
Sucvary purpose:Quality first,reputation supreme
Sucvary service:To be complete sincere with all our efforts
Sucvary core value:Cooperation、harmony、win-win