Sucvary Cloud Wheel Aligner | Innovation leads to value


Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Fiengle Tech Co.,Ltd is a high tech company specializing in R&D,production ,and sale of wheel aligner. Its soul is innovation and it is backed with powerful self-developing capability for a long history of R&D in the field of wheel aligner technology. To meet different demands, it built its brand “sucvary” including cloud 3D wheel aligner, cloud 5D wheel aligner for two- post lift, and cloud 5D wheel aligner for small scissors lift. 
Fiengle Tech Co., Ltd focuses on quality and service. Its principles are “ innovation,quality,service,cooperation,and mutual development”. And its purpose is trying to be the preferred supplier and obtain clients’ trust. Keeping this in mind, it has been developing its products so as to keep pace with the time and market, hoping to offer the best products and service to its clients at any time.
Fiengle’s R&D conception is that practice is the only criterion for testing truth and innovation is the only way out for the company.

Fiengle’s R&D history :
In 2008,   traditional 3D comes out.
In April 2012,  V3D comes out.
In May 2013,   V5D comes out.
In October 2013,  cloud 3D comes out.
In October 2014,  cloud 5D comes out, filling market gap.