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Traditional 3D wheel aligner VS Cloud 3D wheel aligner

* : 2015-08-18

1.Traditional 3D: Traditional 3D needs space 4*7m.     


            Cloud3D: Without limitation of space, it can also be installed on the wall , mounted on the ceiling.  


2. Traditional 3D:The distance between wheel aligner and the center of turntable is from 2 to 2.5m, and its sight is limited cannot detect viehicles which are too long, too wide or too narrow.  


         Cloud 3D:  The distance between wheel aligner and the center of turntable is from 1.5to 3.5mand  adjustable 3D sight can measure almost all kinds of vehicle.


3.Traditional 3D:With large volume and high freight, it takes about 15days for after service. 


           Cloud 3D:  With small volume and low freight, cloud 3D only takes about 2days .


4. Traditional 3D:The computer of traditional 3D cannot support varied operation platforms.


         Cloud 3D: Powerful support from the Internet, the distance operation and data upgrade can be done by the use of iPad, cell phone and computer. 


5.Traditional 3D:  The targets of traditional 3D have to be fixed orderly.


            Cloud 3D:The targets of cloud 3D are exchangeable.